Grand Master Donald Bohan’s Memorial Website


  "Karate Friends" Facebook Page


 The Bohan's and Family website has refrained from creating a “Facebook” account, because most of the objectives for both media applications (webpage and Facebook) would be repetitive.  The most effective solution is to team with an established Isshin~Ryu Facebook account to complement our similar mission statement, “To honor Grand Master Tatsuo Shimabuku, First Generation Students and share the Spirit of Isshin~Ryu.”  We found such an opportunity by teaming with Master John Bartusevics and his “Karate Friends” Facebook page.


Master John Bartusevics, First Generation Student and United States Marine Corps (Retired), is recognized within our beloved combat system for his exceptionally meritorious and distinguished service in positions of great responsibility to the U.S. Marine Corps and Isshin~Ryu Karate.  Master Bartusevics served as one of the principal advisors to the founder of our system when Isshin~Ryu was in her infancy.  His reputation for intense candor and penetrating insight made him uniquely effective while serving as a liaison between Grand Master Shimabuku and the U.S. Marine Corps.  Master Bartusevics forthright approach and receptive communications ability were key ingredients in forging the strong traditions enjoyed by present Isshin~Ryu practitioners.


Master Bartusevics’ service has been marked by inspiring leadership and selfless dedication which have justly earned him the highest respect and admiration of all who have been privileged to serve with him. By his exemplary performance, personal initiative, and unsurpassed devotion to duty, Master Bartusevics reflects great credit upon himself and upholds the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and of the United States and Isshin~Ryu Karate-Do.  Master John Bartusevics has infused the same dedication to his Facebook Page—with unparalleled historical photos, articles, insights, and published essays.  His Facebook page is a must research tool for all Isshin~Ryu Karate-Do and historians. Master Bartusevics has but one simple rule; please check your ego and politics with the "start" button. May God bless all.


Wayne Wayland