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"The Favorite Kumite Technique of  Donald Bohan" (1971)


"He was just so bloody big!," exclaimed Ed McGrath, recalling his fights with Don Bohan with a rueful shake of his head.  "And the unfortunate thing about fighting him was that Don didn't know if he was hurt or not, I'd hit him with my best technique and he'd just smile!  It kind of took the heart out of me."  Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Donald F. Bohan is unquestionably big, "bloody big," as Mr. McGrath indicated in a recent interview.  But he's big in an all-around, as well as a physical sense. At 6'4", 220 Ibs., there's no mistaking the obvious physical qualities, the rugged, rawboned power behind the man.  But there is also a quality of spirit, of instinct, of intellect, that makes Bohan one of the most respected men in karate. Long-recognized as one of the best and most fair-minded referees, Don has been  called on constantly to officiate at major tournaments throughout the country. A mere man might rest on his laurels—not Bohan.  Don Bohan has done much in aiding and abetting the development of karate in the U.S., insisting on a moral and spiritual approach as well as a physical one.  It was the pleasure of OFFICIAL KARATE to award him their first plaque for his outstanding contributions to the art and sport of karate.  Bohan has unflinchingly responded to calls from all over the U.S.  for his services, some that often come in close conflict with his duties in the armed services.  But Don accepts the challenges, distinguishing himself even more. He has given demonstrations (he's broken cinder blocks with a wicked, driving punch), participated in the rules committee that set up the special regulations for the first professional tournament held at the Waldorf Astoria back in '68 and makes certain that all of his own tournaments, held in Woodbridge, Virginia, are free from the many political and emotional entanglements that so many others are wont to wallow in.  He rules with a firm, military, benevolent fist.

(Donald Bohan and Isshin-Ryu 4th Dan Dennis Bootle)


   ( #1 - Faces his Opponent #2  Crossover step)


(#3 Execute a Hook kick to the mid-section  #4 Step forward after the kick)

(#5 Deliver a Back-fist to the face)

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